5 Bands Who Reformed For The Money

1. Spice Girls 2007-08

Hard to believe The Spice Girls had even been around long enough to split up and reform, but after ambushing the world with tiresome Girl Power in 1994, they disappeared in 2000, two years after Geri Halliwell had already buggered off. Then, in June 2007, all five girls agreed to reunite for a world tour but, after pocketing the cash, the group ended the tour early, citing ‘family commitments’, leaving thousands of fans feeling distinctly spiceless. In the 6 months between the reunion announcement, and the tour’s premature end, Tesco paid the girls a million pounds each to plug their supermarkets, causing the more cynical observers to accuse the group of only pretending to reform, so they could profit from the hysteria. And let’s not mention their heftily-paid ‘reunion appearance’ at the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony…

2. The Sex Pistols
No such tomfoolery with Johnny Rotten and his gang. When, in 1994, the original Pistols (minus Sid Vicious, obviously…) decided to play some UK gigs for the first time since 1978, they even called it “The Filthy Lucre Tour”. All the band members were skint, and even Rotten’s sideshow, Public Image Ltd, had stopped coining in the cash. The tour was a huge success, but the reformation was never going to be permanent, and they each went their separate ways once the dates were over. They popped up again in 2002 to play a concert in London, and in 2003 to tour the US, before agreeing to play at a Dutch music festival in 2007 for a big, fat fee; a performance the disappointed festival organiser called “saddening”.

3. The Stone Roses
Ask any industry insider which band was never, ever going to reform, and they’d have all said The Stone Roses. After massive success in the ’80s and ’90s, creative differences and in-fighting saw the band self-destruct in 1995. No way in hell were they ever getting back together, swore each of them, when asked. Until they did get back together, in 2012. With tickets for their Heaton Park gigs selling out in 38 seconds and deemed a success. Ian Brown boasted that the Roses were reforming because modern music was “crap” and they wanted to “uplift the nation”. Rumours that the real reason was because Brown’s ex-missus was about to take him to the cleaners, are, apparently, unfounded.

4. Pixies
Pixies were one of the US’s most popular indie bands of the ’80s and ’90s. Black Francis was the nucleus, writing most of their songs and proving a very charismatic front man. Their special brand of alt-rock made them festival favourites, although tensions between Francis and bass player, Kim Deal, were always bubbling away. After a lot of onstage bickering and a forced hiatus in 1990, Black Francis dissolved Pixies in 1993, sending faxes to his fellow band members to tell them of his decision. Inexplicably, it was after the split, that Pixies’ popularity intensified, and after 11 years of silence, Francis could ignore the cash cow no longer, and persuaded the others to reform in 2004. Pixies continue to be staples on the festival calendar, although a “new album” is yet to materialise.

5. Leonard Cohen
OK, so he’s not a band, but he did have to start performing again for purely financial reasons. Canada’s most successful purveyor of misery originally started out as a poet and novelist in the 1960s but, finding little success, turned his hand to songwriting and singing. His introspective folk songs soon endeared him to successive generations of angst-ridden, floppy-haired would-be philosophers. In 1994, Cohen secreted himself inside a Zen Buddhist temple in L.A., beginning several years of seclusion and enlightenment. Whilst there, Cohen’s manager began siphoning off his retirement money, stealing a total of $5m, which was only discovered some ten years later. Skint, Cohen had to leave the monastery and start writing stuff again, and embarked on a gruelling, yet lucrative, world tour in 2008-10, his cheque book sewn inside his jeans pocket.

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How eBay Strives To Protect Customers In Auctions

There probably isn’t a person alive today that hasn’t heard of eBay at least once, and it has become a cultural icon that no other auction site has been able to rival in fame or notoriety. As with any type of auction site found on the Internet, we all can’t help but wonder what are our options for protection and recourse when an auction doesn’t go as it should. Most sellers are a real pleasure to deal with, but some can be unscrupulous and lie about the condition of an item.

What does eBay do to keep you safe? Well it all starts with the auction itself. A few years ago, when someone was competing against you bidding on an item, you were able to see their username and contact the individual. Fortunately, all of this has changed in order to protect your privacy and to cut down on the amount of threats issued by competing bidders. As a result, when you place your bid, all watchers can see are a few letters with stars in between as well as the number of auctions you’ve previously bid on.

Since your privacy is safe, you can at least rest assured that you can bid without fear of getting angry messages. In July of 2015, eBay officially broke its ties with PayPal and they have been registered as separate companies in order to ensure there is no conflict of interest. However, when paying for your auctions, PayPal is still the primary choice of payment accepted through which you can send an e-check, direct deposit or pay with debit or credit cards.

eBay has put in place a buyer protection program which basically tries to help buyers resolve issues they have directly with sellers. Usually, eBay will only intervene on behalf of a customer if the case is escalated and no reasonable resolution can be achieved by working with the seller. In most cases, buyers will need to return the unsatisfactory item in its original condition to the buyers, but as a new rule, eBay now forces sellers to pay for the return shipping if the item is not “as described”.

Once the item is received by the seller, eBay refunds the purchase price as well as the shipping costs to the buyer. There are rare cases where eBay doesn’t require the return of the item and a refund will be issued in any case.

Before taking advantage of the program, there are a couple of things that you will need to do. As a first step, you’re always asked to directly contact the seller to try and reach a reasonable resolution. If no resolution is reached, you will need to contact eBay within 45 days of receiving the item, open a case, and communicate with the seller throughout the protection claim process. As a last step, eBay will most likely ask you to return the item, but as was mentioned, if it wasn’t as described, sellers will have to pay for the shipping costs.

Why Are Bids In Penny Auctions So Cheap?

eBay Buyer Protection Program

eBay Buyer Protection Program

If you are reading this article, then you must be wondering how penny auctions work and why they are so cheap. They appear to good to be true right? Well, penny auctions are auction sites that will charge money each time a person bids. Every time someone bids, the price of the item goes up by  just one penny and hence the name penny auction.

There are hundreds of these sites in the internet, examples being Quibids and Swoopoo. Everyone wants to jump in this bandwagon and the main reason for this is that the business model tends to favor the business owners.

The main reason why these penny auction sites are popular is because one can get products are really cheap prices. However, this is not guaranteed and you can actually lose a lot of money trying to win. In this regard, you need to first understand how penny auctions work.

As earlier mentioned, penny auctions are auctioning where you will be required to pay a penny just to bid. This is actually in contrast to most conventional auctions. For instance, you can bid any number of times on eBay and they will never charge you a cent for the bid. You will ideally win the auction if you are the highest bidder.

On the other hand, penny auctions are won by the last bidder. Also, you can’t place any bid value you wish, you only bid to increase the product value by just a cent or a penny. So, the first bid will make the bid go to $0.01 and the second one will make the price go to £0.02. The trend goes on and on until the time is over.

Now it is easy to understand how an auction site makes money. Let’s say that there’s an item worth £10 and it sells for £2. You might think that £2 for a £10 product sounds like a good deal, but it is only for the winner. Put into consideration other people who have placed bids and had to pay for each bid and they ended up losing the product. So, everyone except the winner loses their money.

Now, let us look at the company’s profits for this example. Most sites will price their bids at £0.60 which means you have to pay 60 cents for every bid you place. And since the auction was won at $2, then 200 bids were placed. Therefore, the users spend a total of £120 for a £10 product. In this example, the company made a whopping £110 profit.

By know you understand why these auctions can be risky. Everyone besides the winner loses money. They are great, and you might even find some good deals. However, it is important that you learn the risks before you venture into any auction. A lot of people are unaware of how they work, and they end up losing a lot of money without even winning anything. But know that you are informed of how they work, you can participate in the auctions wisely.

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Top Tourist Attractions To Visit In Edinburgh

When thinking about holidays, Scotland is the perfect destination. It’s packed full of historical places to visit and other types of fun tourist attractions as well. Specifically in the city of Edinburgh, there is much more to do than you might even imagine, so it pays to do a little research for yourself about the opportunities and plan your itinerary. The following are some of the top tourist places to visit in Edinburgh, Scotland.

#1 Edinburgh Castle

This is the real deal folks! It is considered by many to be the #1 landmark in all of Scotland.

Highlights of your visit include canon fire, which is a tradition considering it used to help the ships get their clocks synchronized. Additionally, you get to look at the Crown Jewels, the ‘Stone of Destiny’ and the National War Memorial. There is  a story to the ‘Stone of Destiny,’ and this stone was just brought back to Scotland in 1996 after being in England for 700 years! There are other historical structures that will blow you away just as much, but you can’t visit Edinburgh without stopping by Edinburgh Castle.

#2 Palace of Holyrood house

Are you wanting a chance to meet the Queen while you’re in Edinburgh? In all seriousness, that will not happen, but the Palace of Holyrood house is where she stays when she’s in Edinburgh. Did you know that?

That fact alone should make this one of your own official pit stops. How about getting to take a look at the Historic and State Apartments? This is after all where Mary Queen of Scots used to live. You’ll also want to check out the history of Scottish kings in ‘The Great Gallery,’ and the Holyroodhouse fountain is a must see as well!

#3 National Museum Of Scotland

You can see now why planning your trip is so important. You don’t want to show up at the Palace of Holyrood house, only to find out you’re not able to visit certain spots because the Queen is on site. Furthermore, with all those places to visit, you want a travel agent to help you get prepared to see everything.

That National Museum of Scotland should make your list. This museum offers admission for free, so you can’t beat that price. You’re privy to 16 galleries and over 8,000 artifacts. Have you ever wanted to see what a guillotine looked like in person? Here, you can also visit the first sheep in history that was cloned, Dolly, remember her? The museum building itself looks like another castle, but you might be surprised to know that it just opened in the past few years.

#4 Royal Yacht Britannia

While you may not own a yacht or have had the pleasure of boarding one, why not make your first experience getting to check out the Royal Yacht Britannia? This yacht was used for years by the royal family, and now it’s retired and has recently been made available for tours.

Step aboard onto one of the most unique tourist attractions in Edinburgh, Scotland. There is a sun lounge, a tea room and of course you want to visit the living quarters or royal bedrooms. The Royal Yacht Britannia is located in Edinburgh’s port area, and now you will have visited two places that have served as the queen’s private quarters.

#5 Museum of Childhood

Do you have kids along with you on your trip to Edinburgh? If so, this will be the highlight of their trip! And if you don’t have kids, this doesn’t mean you should skip this tourist attraction, as there is plenty for adults to enjoy as well. You are privy to the largest collection of historical toys you’ve ever seen!

Not only do you get to browse the vast collection of toys, but you can also dress up in costumes, explore a Victorian streetscape and step into the world of growing up like you wouldn’t believe. Not to mention, when I say historical toys, I mean toys that predate your grandparents as well, which means you’ll see toys you’ve never seen or heard of before.

#6 Charlotte Square

This hot tourist spot is not always topping everyone’s lists with so many attractions to choose from. However, it is definitely still a favorite, and I recommend you take a look at the scenic pictures to understand why you want to make a stop here. You will be visiting the former homes of Alexander Graham Bell and Joseph Lister after all.

#7 Princes Street

Get ready to be surrounded by tons of people, but that’s exactly what this hot tourist spot is all about. This is one place you will want to get quite a bit of shopping done while visiting Edinburgh. While Princes Street appears at first glance to be all hustle and bustle, there are many historical buildings to visit while you’re on this street.

You can’t escape a visit to Princes Street, so you just want to go ahead and mark it down. You’ll wish you had visited if you pass it up. Jenners is one of the stores you want to visit, and this isn’t just any store. It’s the oldest department store, not just in Scotland, but in the entire world!

#8 Royal Botanic Garden

This will be a relaxing and unique getaway. When you pull up the pictures, you might not think it’s as big as it is, but it’s a total of 70 acres! The garden itself doesn’t charge you anything to get in, which is a great bonus, but there is a charge to enter the Glasshouses.

Are you marking all of these top tourist destinations in Edinburgh down for your upcoming visit? There are plenty more that didn’t make this list, so based on your own interests, start forming an itinerary ahead of time so you can ensure you visit all the tourist attractions you want to see while you’re there.